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General resources

Citizenship and Migration (AustLII)
Links and search engine from AustLII

Government departments and resources

Australian Migration Legislation and Regulations
Includes legislation, regulation and lots of other information about immigration as part of the Department of Immigration web site

Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Includes information about the Minister, media releases, fact sheets, contacts, research, statistics, legislation, citizenship information and more.

Migration Institute of Australia
Includes information about the MIA, membership, members, courses, CPD, events and a library section.

Judicial bodies

Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal
Includes information about the Tribunals, applications, forms, questions, statistics, decisions, links, speeches and employment information.


Guide to Country Research for Refugee Status Determination
Article by Elisa Mason at LLRX.com, 15 February 2001.

Guide to International Refugee Law Resources on the Web
Feature article at LLRX.com by Elisa Mason, published on 15 July 2000. This is an easy to follow article with a great set of links. There is now an Update to Guide to Country Research for Refugee Status Determination published on 18 March 2002


Immigration Law
Links to other websites, laws & government documents, Government agencies, legal journals, newsletters & articles, legal discussion groups, subject ourlines and more from LexisONE - US orientation.

Immigration Law on the Web (US)
Provides a useful guide to finding primarily US immigration law material on the Internet

Ninth Circuit Rules Permanent Residents Not Subject to Mandatory Detention
News item in Siskind's Immigration Bulletin, 11 January 2002 with link to the case.

Recent Changes in German Refugee Law
From the 'Lectric Law Library - By Sam Blay and Andreas Zimmermann dated 1994.

Siskind's Immigration Bulletin
Available free online - and you can register to receive it via email. A subject matter index is also provided.

The ABC's of Immigration Law - New Law will provide work authorization for spouses of E and L Visa holders
News item in Siskind's Immigration Bulletin, 11 January 2002


Immigration Review Tribunal Decisions
At AustLII - from 1990

Migration Review Tribunal Decisions
At AustLII - Available from 1 June 1999.

Refugee Review Tribunal Decisions
From AustLII


Australian Citizenship Act 1948
Australian Citizenship Regulations
Migration (Iraq - United Nations Security Council Resolutions) Regulations
Migration (Republic of Sudan - United Nations Security Resolution No 1054) Regulations
Migration Agents Registration (Application) Levy Act 1992
Migration Agents Registration (Renewal) Levy Act 1992
Migration Agents Regulations
Migration (Visa Application) Charge Act
1997 Immigration (Education) Act 1971
Immigration (Education) Regulations
Immigration (Education) Charge Regulations
Immigration (Guardianship of Children) Regulations
Migration (Health Services) Charge Act 1991
Migration (Health Services) Charge Regulations
Temple Society Trust Fund Act 1949
US Immigration and Nationality Act

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