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Space and the lawInternational Space Station

Institute of Air and Space Law
Contains sections on the Institute, Air and Aviation Law, Space Law, Annals of Air and Space Law and a search engine. These sections include links to relevant agreements and links to relevant sites.

International Space University (France)
ISU programs, ISU network, annual symposium, PDP and Forum, information services and publications.

Legal and Regulatory Issues for Passenger Space Travel
Article by Patric Collins and Koichi Yonemoto presented at 49th IAF Congress, Sept 28-Oct 2, 1998, Melbourne, Australia. Considerations

Space Activities Act 1998 (Australia)

The Space Treaties
From Ward & Parnters Lawyers Space Law Page. Includes United Nations Peace Treaties, The Rescue Agreement, The Registration Convention, The Outer Space Treaty, the Liability Convention and the Moon Agreement.

The Status of Astronauts Towards the Second Generation of Space Law
Article by Yasuaki Hashimoto, 1993.

Towards the Legal Framework of Space Tourism
By Michael Wollersheim on April 21-23, 1999

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Includes space law information which includes treaties and principles, satellite register, FAQ and national space laws.

Ward & Partners Web Site Dedicated to Space Law
Australian site. Includes sections on Issues in Space Law (treaties, peaceful uses of space and sovereignty in space), the Regulation of Launches (international liability, national regulatory regimes and sovereignty in space), Commercial Space Activities (telecommunications, remote sensing, global positionng system, exploitation of natural resources in space, international space station and space debris), The Advantages of Launching from Australia and Recent Space Events. This is a fantastic site. SpaceViews described the site as follows: "Space law, in forms ranging from launch regulations to space property rights, is often an obscure, complicated subject, but one of increasing importance. This site, run by an Australian law firm, helps shed some light on the subject, with information on treaties, regulations, and related matters. While there is some focus on Australia, there's also information about international treaties and launch regulations in the United States, Russia, and elsewhere."


Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies (1967) [The Outer Space Treaty]

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