Rural Law Forum Food Futures Victoria 2020

How secure are Victoria's future food supplies?

3 July 2013

The Centre of Rural Regional Law and Justice hosted a rural forum on Food Futures Victoria 2020 on Wednesday 3 July 2013.

The forum was attended by 70 participants from Melbourne, Geelong, Portland, Warrnambool, Swan Hill, Ballarat, Bendigo, Morwell, Horsham, Shepparton and Bairnsdale.

Panel members were:

Graeme Ford, CEO, Victorian Framers Federation.

Kathy McConell, Food Alliance Coordinator, Population Health Strategic Research Centre.

Felicity Millner, principal Solicitor, Environment Defenders Office.

Ron Prestidge, Executive Director, Future Farming Systems Research, Department of Environment & Primary Industries, Victorian State Government.

Lisa Cain, Active Living Officer, Heart Foundation

The panel discussed a range of issues which included:

  • Food Security, its meaning and context in daily life.
  • The impact of urban growth on current productive land particularly within the Greater Melbourne boundary.
  • The process of Fracking and the impact on primary industry.
  • How local councils are developing their own food security strategies.
  • Actions that might support farmers to remain competitive in a global context.
  • How excess production can be redirected to those on low incomes.
  • The challenges of encouraging young people to be involved in agriculture

"So wonderful to see Deakin take the initiative to set up important forums", said Cindy Renate.

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