Research finds primary producers need more information and training on law

The Law and Legal Compliance Training Needs of Primary Producers in Australia [PDF 1MB] report was produced in 2009 through funding made available by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation.

The research project consulted with 76 individuals in focus groups, face to face meetings and telephone interviews and undertook a national survey, with responses from 290 primary producers and 57 agribusiness service staff and rural financial counsellors.

This research report indicates the areas of law primary producers identify are priorities for their businesses and factors that influence the effective delivery of training on law and legal compliance to this market. A proposed model for the development and delivery of law and legal compliance training, which takes into account the capacity and needs of the industry, has also been provided within the report.

The report highlights the need for a greater emphasis on information and training on law for primary producers and will assist industry, education/training organisations and government to identify and prioritise law topics for training as well as determine the most effective ways of delivering that training.

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