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Volume 18, Issue 2

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Introduction [55KB]


The Courts, Parliament and the Executive [117KB]
Robert Clark MP, Attorney-General, Victoria


Moving Steadily or Great Leap Forward? The Emerging Carbon Market in China [690KB]
Ying Shen

Litigiousness in Australia: Lessons from Comparative Law [165KB]
Leon Wolff

Bearing the Economic Loss of Industrial Action: The Payment of Striking Employees under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) [148KB]
Karen Wheelwright

The Evolution of Lawyers' Professional Identity: The Contribution of ADR in Legal Education [148KB]
Kathy Douglas

A Case from Australia's War Crimes Trials: Lieutenant-General Nishimura, 1950 [163KB]
Lisa Lee

The Legal In/Security of Temporary Migrant Agricultural Work: Case Studies from Canada and Australia [211KB]

Andrew Newman

Sexuality Law Reform and the Language of Progress: What Lies behind Statements that Equality for Lesbian and Gay People is Inevitable? [232KB]
Kent Blore

Book Reviews

Death of a Soldier: A Mother's Story by Margaret Evison [34KB]
Chris Masters

The Danubia Files: Award Writing Lessons from the Vis Moot Edited by Louise Barrington, Napoleo Casado Filho and Claudio Finkelstein [70KB]
Benjamin Hayward

Environmental Law in Australia by Gerry Bates [78KB]
Claudio Bozzi

Trafficking in Persons in Australia: Myths and Realities by Andreas Schloenhardt and Jarrod Jolly [51KB]
John R Morss

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