Volume 16, Issue 1

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Essays From the first National Rural Regional Law and Justice Conference 2010

Introduction [66KB PDF]

Preface - The National Rural Regional Law and Justice Conference [170KB PDF]
Richard Coverdale

Law and Justice Outside the CBD [256KB PDF]
Chief Justice Robert French

Access to a Lawyer in Rural Australia: Thoughts on the Evidence We Need [500KB PDF]
Simon Rice

Strategies for Meeting Rural Legal Needs: Lessons from Local, Regional and International Experience [883KB PDF]
Kim Economides

Professional Services and Rural Services Poverty [1.17MB PDF]
Paul Martin, Jacequeline Williams, Amanda Kennedy

Bush Lawyers in New South Wales and Queensland: A Spatial Analysi [626KB PDF]
Kevin McDougall, Reid Mortensen

Legislative and Community Suport for Offending Reintegraton in Victoria [341KB PDF]
Lesley Hardcastle, Terry Bartholomew, Joe Graffam

Youth Justice: Challenges in Responding to Young People Convicted of Sexual Offences [343KB PDF]
Wendy O'Brien

Postcode Justice: Rural and Regional Disadvantage in the Administration of the Law [1.94MB PDF]
Richard Coverdale

Access to Environmental Justice [353KB PDF]
Felicity Millner

Using Technology to Increase Support for Rural and Regional Legal Professionals [316KB PDF]
Amanda Kennedy, Stephen Winn

Sustainable Regional Legal Practice: The Importance of Alliances and the Use of Innovative Information Technology by Legal Practices in Regional, Rural and Remote Queensland [574KB PDF]
Caroline Hart

Recruitment and Retention of Community Sector Lawyers: Regional Differences within New South Wales [409KB PDF]
Michael Cain, Suzie Forell

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