International workshop on 'Intellectual property and cultural property'.

The School of Law at Deakin University hosted an international workshop on:

'Intellectual property and cultural property: Rights Discourses in the Asia-Pacific Region'.

Speakers came from China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Canada and Australia, and included Canada Research Chair Professor Rosemary Coombe from York University in Toronto. The workshop was also attended and addressed Mr. Avelino Maria Coelho da Silva, Secretary of State for the Council of Ministers of the Government of the Democratic Republic of East Timor.

The workshop, convened by Prof. Christoph Antons, was organised in collaboration with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, the Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific and the Alfred Deakin Research Institute at Deakin University.

For further information: Intellectural property and cultural property [161KB pdf].

Speakers at the Intellectual property and cultural property workshop hosted by the School of Law, Deakin University

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