Research in the Law and Legal Studies discipline at Deakin

About School of Law research

In the spirit of the early Universities (Bologna, Salerno, Oxford, Padova and others), the Deakin School of Law considers itself a community of teachers and scholars (universitas magistrorum et scholarium).

As of as of May 2014, the Law School community comprises of some 49 academics; 21 of whom hold doctoral degrees, with 14 undertaking PhD candidatures at Deakin or at another University. 20 HDR candidates are presently enrolled (or in the process of enrolling) in the Law School.

While pedagogy in its most up-to-date theoretical and technical (audio-visual, cloud-based education) manifestations underpins our teaching, we foster intellectual curiosity (regular research seminars) and excellence in academic scholarship (high quality publications).

School Research Hubs are led by the Professoriate in discrete areas identified as our research strengths:

The Research Hubs provide round-table, intimate and supportive environment enabling academics and HDR candidates to discuss drafts of their publications, thesis' chapters, and articles/theories of interest that often lead to joint collaboration.

In addition to the informal research hubs, the Centre for Rural Regional Law and Justice provides an opportunity for staff to engage in group activity within a more formal research grouping.

The University, Faculty and the School of Law encourage dissemination of scholarly research findings through conferences, workshops and symposia.

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