Cross institutional law study

The Council of Legal Education and the Board of Examiners jointly regulate entry to the Legal Profession in Victoria and as such approve law courses offered for admission. Deakin University's, School of Law is approved by COLE to provide academic law courses that meet the academic requirement of the Priestley 11 and admission to practice law in Victoria.

Each approved university will offer a different course structure meeting their COLE requirements and to maintain the integrity of our LLB and ensure we continue to meet the approval process, Deakin LLB students are not permitted to take core law or Priestley 11 units at any other university.

In exceptional circumstances students may be permitted to undertake a core unit cross-institutionally. If students do get special permission they are required to ensure that the unit they complete is approved by COLE prior to enrolling. To apply for an exemption you must email the LLB Program coordinator providing evidence of your situation.

If another institution offers a non-core law unit or units not offered at Deakin that you want to undertake as part of your course (that works with your enrolment pattern), you may be able to enrol and get credit towards your Deakin degree. Visit our cross institutional enrolment webpage for information.

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