professional experience

Professional Experience course requirements

The School of Law's compulsory Professional Experience requirement involves a student working in a law-related environment.

The purpose of this requirement is to enrich the student's formal legal education and produce graduates with practical experience of how the law operates. As well as being a benefit in itself, this will also make the student's university study more meaningful.

All LLB students must undertake 30 days Professional Experience placement (unless otherwise stated in their course rules) in a legal related field (prior to completion). As this is a compulsory component of your course it is not possible to graduate without having satisfied this requirement.


Strict deadline for professional experience completion (if applying to graduate)

  • October 2014 Graduation applications - now closed
  • March/April 2015 Graduation applications - No later than Friday 30 January 2015

Visit Graduations for more information.

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