professional experience

Professional Experience requirements

Completion of placement

A Completion of Placement form is submitted once a student has completed their placement (paid or unpaid) in a law related occupation, such as a legal executive, police prosecutor or magistrate's clerk.

You can choose to complete your placement part-time or in a full-time block.

How to apply

You may only submit a Completion of Placement [141KB] when you satisty all three criteria listed below:

  • you have completed your placement;
  • your employment is in a law-related field, eg legal executive, police, prosecutions or magistrates clerk;
  • you provide a letter from your employer on company letterhead that states:
    • commencement and conclusion dates
    • number of days completed
    • brief list of duties performed

You must satisfy all three criteria above. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Please submit all documents by email and allow 3 weeks for the processing of your application. You will be advised of the outcome of the application by email.

Please note: do not leave this to the last minute, as you could risk missing out on your preferred graduation date!


Strict deadline for professional experience completion (if applying to graduate)

  • October 2014 Graduation applications - now closed
  • March/April 2015 Graduation applications - No later than Friday 30 January 2015

Visit Graduations for more information.

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