professional experience

Professional Experience requirements

Insurance cover and will I be paid?

Under the University's insurance policy, it is not expected that students be paid for Professional Experience.

You will be afforded coverage under Deakin University's insurance policy regardless of whether you will receive paid or unpaid (voluntary) work experience.

You must, however, work in a law-related field, performing law-related duties.

Upon completion of each placement, you must submit a Completion of Placement (141KB) form, along with a letter from your host employer confirming your completed placement.

Days credited will only be approved once you have successfully submitted these required documents.


Strict deadline for professional experience completion (if applying to graduate)

  • October 2014 Graduation applications - now closed
  • March/April 2015 Graduation applications - No later than Friday 30 January 2015

Visit Graduations for more information.

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