professional experience

Professional Experience requirements

Voluntary/unpaid placement

It is the student's responsibility to find a suitable professional experience placement. In line with Deakin University policy, before starting an unpaid professional experience placement at your host organisation, you are required to obtain insurance and approval from the School of Law.

Please note: If you are seeking credit for unpaid work that you have already completed, please email the School of Law.

  1. Prior to commencing unpaid (voluntary) placement:

    You MUST submit an Insurance Approval - Voluntary/unpaid Placement form [174KB PDF]
    Note: Your placement will not be processed unless this form is returned PRIOR to commencement.

    How to Apply

    Your application must be approved by the School of Law prior to commencing your placement.

    Please allow 3 weeks for the processing of your application. Both the student and the host organisation will be advised of the outcome of the application by email.

    Students are required to obtain insurance approval for each host organisation (or placement). Therefore, if you wish to make-up your 30 days at three different organisations (e.g. 10 days at each organisation), you will need to submit three separate Insurance Approval - Voluntary/unpaid Placement forms [174KB PDF].

  2. After completing unpaid (voluntary) placement:

    Your host company MUST submit a Completion of Voluntary/unpaid placement form [131KB PDF] detailing:
    • commencement and conclusion dates
    • number of days completed
    • a listing of some of the duties performed


Strict deadline for professional experience completion (if applying to graduate)

  • April 2014 Graduations applications now closed.
  • No later than Thursday 31 July 2014 (for October 2014 Graduation ceremonies)

Visit Graduations for more information.

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