re-qualify for practice

Already qualified internationally or in another state?

Whether you are qualified internationally or in another state or want to undertakes a single unit for professional development, Deakin has a solution for you.

Already practising but would like to refresh your knowledge on a given area of law?

Law graduates may enrol in a single unit (non-award) study at Deakin University for the professional development purposes, or to requalify for practice.

Re-qualify for practice.

Australia's six States and two Territories each have separate admission boards with varying requirements for law practitioners. The first step is to contact the governing body in the state in which you intend to practice.

In the State of Victoria, this body is the Council of Legal Education Victoria (COLE). If you are an overseas law graduate COLE will assess your qualifications and determine which areas of study you need to undertake in order to qualify for practice in the State of Victoria. COLE will supply you with a letter outlining unit/s you need to enrol in. This letter must be supplied with your application.

Note: If you wish to undertake a law unit you must check the COLE table below for equivalent units of study offered at Deakin. For example if COLE have instructed you to enrol in Property, you must undertake both MLL327 Property and MLL325 Land Law to comply.

Deakin University School of Law offers units which are endorsed by the Council of Legal Education (COLE) as meeting the areas of knowledge required for admission to practice in Victoria. Those wishing to practice in states other than Victoria may still undertake Deakin units, however they may be required to undertake study at a particular institution to satisfy a specific state requirement. In order to determine your requirements you must contact the relevant admission board in the state in which you intend to practice.

The Council of Legal Education Victoria (COLE) have made a determination of a 10 year time frame within which a graduate needs to have completed their LLB Priestley 11 subjects. If the graduate completed their law degree or Priestley 11 subjects more than 10 years ago then an assessment on an individual basis in terms of suitability would apply.

To assist in this determination, Deakin University would source information on whether or not the core of each of the Priestley 11 subjects was substantially equivalent to what is studied today.

All units offered by Deakin University for admission purposes are offered at the Geelong Waterfront Campus or the Melbourne Burwood Campus and are also available via distance education. This means that you could study units from anywhere in Australia or overseas.

COLE required area of study

Priestley 11

Deakin University equivalent
Contracts MLL111 Contract (Trimester 1)
MLL215 Commercial Law (Trimester 2)
Civil Procedure MLL391 Civil Procedure & ADR (Trimester 2)
Torts MLL213 Torts (Trimester 1)
MLL217 Misleading Conduct & Economic Torts (Trimester 2)
Criminal Law & Procedure MLL218 Criminal Procedure (Trimester 1)
MLL214 Criminal Law (Trimester 2)
Federal & State Constitutional Law MLL323 Constitutional Law (Trimester 2)
Company Law MLL221 Corporate Law (Trimester 1)
Equity (including Trusts) MLL405 Equity & Trusts (Trimester 1)
Property MLL327 Property (Trimester 1)
MLL325 Land Law (Trimester 2)
Administrative Law MLL324 Administrative Law (Trimester 1)
Evidence MLL334 Evidence (Trimester 2)
Ethics and Professional Responsibility MLL335 Legal Practice & Ethics (Trimester 2)

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