Apply for a single unit (non-award) - Domestic students

For Australian citizens and permanent residentsperson walking

In order to be approved for enrolment in single, non-award law units, applicants must be a law graduate. That is, the applicant must be entitled or eligible to practise as a legal practitioner in Australia or overseas.

Those who wish to apply for a law degree should contact the School of Law for further information.

Fees, charges and how to apply

For information regarding fees, charges or how to apply visit the single unit (non-award) webpage.

To apply for single subject non-award study, please apply online via the Applicant Portal.

NOTE: Australian law graduates with an LLB from an overseas institution wishing to requalify for practice in Australia (Victoria) must provide their letter from the Council of Legal Education (COLE) when applying online.

For more information

Visit the single unit (non-award) webpage.


Useful dates

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