Vis Moot

Testimonials from past participants

Preeti Sharma, 2011-2012 Vis Moot Team:

Participating in the Vis Moot has by far been the best experience of my life. The exposure gained while working in the moot is completely different to what you get in other law units. Working as a team and researching an area of law that you were never familiar with before and being able to formulate arguments and prepare written and oral submissions by the end of the journey is an extremely satisfying experience.

Though the moot required a lot of hard work, it was very rewarding and allowed me to develop my research, written and oral advocacy skills. I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to participate in this international mooting competition and would highly recommend it to every law student.


Priya Parghi, 2011-2012 Vis Moot Team:

Participating in the Vis Moot has been, to date, the most rewarding experience of my law degree at Deakin University. It provides you with an opportunity to study law in a completely different context that no other unit offers.

Drafting memoranda, studying international legislation and areas of law, dealing with cross boarder transactions, working collectively in a team, developing legal research skills, and dedicating personal time are just some of the experiences from the Vis Moot which I believe to be beneficial. Not only have I developed my skills and knowledge for my future as a lawyer but I have gained the friendships of 9 wonderful team members.


Daniel Fullerton, 2011-2012 Vis Moot Team:

Competing in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration moot has by far been one of the best experiences of my law degree. The Vis moot has developed every practical legal skill that I will need in my career, from written and oral advocacy, to research skills and team collaboration. It has built friendships, allowed me to develop a deep knowledge of a fascinating area of law, and introduced me to a network of leading practitioners within the field...and this was before I had even left Australia!

To take the skills and knowledge gained from the moot, and apply them on an international stage, is a unique and amazing experience. The Vis moot has opened my legal education to global proportions, and is an experience I will take with me for the rest of my degree and well into my legal career.


Rebekah Case, 2011-2012 Vis Moot Team:

The Vis Moot has been the greatest experience during my time at university. The whole process has taught me how to be a better researcher, how to work in a large group, as well as how to be a strong advocate. Before the moot I dreaded public speaking, but I now feel that I can speak easily in a public setting where I am required to argue very difficult technical legal points in front of leading experts.


Trinh Thai, 2010-2011 Vis Moot Team:

The Vis Moot is a very prestigious international competition, and is also a very interesting and rewarding unit. It requires a high level of commitment but the knowledge that one can gain out of it can be boundless. The Vis Moot is a one of a kind unit, allowing the combination of theoretical work and practical training, the kind of experience that can't be achieved in other units.


Karina Milshtein, 2010-2011 Vis Moot Team:

The first few weeks of the VIS moot have as expected been a lot of hard work, however time flies fast when you are having fun, and we are having a lot of fun! To have the opportunity to work on a realistic legal problem has not only solidified my desire to become a lawyer but has also been a fantastic and surprisingly fun challenge.

Being able to develop research, drafting and oral advocacy skills with a great team of people, under Ben's guidance and with feedback from practicing lawyers, will not only look great on my resume but will also help me for the rest of my course and career. The chance to be considered to travel to Europe to mingle and network with other law students from all over the world and the top professionals in the field is quite attractive as well! I truly think we are very lucky to be provided this rare opportunity and it is one which I highly recommend to everyone that wants to pursue law and have a fun and rewarding summer.


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