Louise PartosLouise Partos

As the extremely lucky recipient of the inaugural Deakin Ticketmaster Alumni Prize, I feel incredibly privileged and excited by this extraordinary opportunity. Winning this prize will enable me to fulfil a dream of mine which is to further my leadership skills for the benefit of the organisation which I manage and the arts sector throughout the Northern Territory.

This professional development opportunity will enable me to complete a one week's course at the Harvard Kennedy School, Boston, entitled Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage. This training will have a lasting impact as I intend to return to the Northern Territory with the knowledge and skills to empower and improve creative industries initiatives throughout the region.

I am currently the Executive Officer of Artback NT: Arts Development and Touring which is the Northern Territory's visual and performing arts touring agency. As Executive Officer, I am conscious that apart from my Graduate Diploma Arts and Entertainment Management, I have had little formal management training and that most of my previous Managerial experience has been working in remote Indigenous communities. This has been both challenging and extremely rewarding and has a unique set of challenges, expectations and deliverables. However, I am aware that working in a more formal arts environment and developing sustainable, dynamic and best practice arts policies presents new challenges which I wish to be better equipped to meet.

This course will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to travel to the United States in order to partake in an intense week of concentrated study with like minded people. Students in the course bring an impressive range of backgrounds and experience to the Kennedy School. This will ensure that I will be mixing with a diverse range of colleagues and peers with whom I can explore how they are tackling the challenges which confront their organisations. In addition, the Harvard Kennedy School has a worldwide reputation and the integrity of their programs is a major factor in committing my personal investment and that of Ticketmaster and Deakin University to this project.

I am extremely grateful to Deakin University, School of Management and Marketing and Ticketmaster Australia for this opportunity to improve my leadership skills within the diverse, cross cultural and geographically challenging Northern Territory arts sector.

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