The Kenneth Myer Lecture by John McGrath

Make Everything Risky: Theatre in the age of Google, Occupy and the Arab Spring

John McGrath, Artistic Director, National Theatre of Wales is the 2013 George Fairfax Fellow for Deakin University's Arts and Entertainment Management Program.

John McGrath is leading great change in the UK theatre scene. At the National Theatre of Wales (NTW), John has been responsible for creating remarkable and innovative theatre by engaging local communities. The NTW production of The Passion (starring Michael Sheen) is a brilliant example of what can happen when arts organisations engage the creativities of audiences and communities.

One of the outstanding theatrical events of not only the year, but of the decade.
- The Observer
The most extraordinary piece of community-specific theatre I've ever beheld - transcendent.
- The Independent

John discussed the urgent need for theatre practitioners and companies to find new ways to collaborate and produce work beyond the confines of the established arts world.

Facilitated by: Angharad Wynne-Jones, Creative Producer, Arts House Melbourne.

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