Bowater Trust Medal honour board

The Bowater Trust Medal has been awarded each year since 1998. In earlier years it was called the Archdall Medal, then the Bowater Medal.

We are very proud of the academic achievements of these students, chosen as ambassadors for the School of Management and Marketing.

2013 Stephanie Moloney

2012 Rachel Krasky

2011 Hannah Macdougall

2010 Lakmini de Silva

2009 Jenelle Morton

2008 Naomi MacLean

2007 Stephen Evans

2006 Arwen Tisch

2005 Rachel Jones

2004 Catherine Prior

2003 Lisa Humphries

2002 Peter Cullinan

2001 Robert Richard

2000 Chin Tee Tan

1999 Jenny Smallwood

1998 Larelle Woods and Lucy Kardas

1997 Jodie Black

1996 Sandra Hillas Wilcox

1995 Todd Bryers

1994 Janis Wells

1993 Kerryn Mansell

1992 Robert Argieri

1991 Elizabeth Hunger

1990 Clare Walker

1989 Merrilyn Hotchkin

1988 Lydia Borrino

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