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Dr Lesley Ferkins

Lesley continues her research program in board capability for sport organisations. Lesley and David Shilbury are currently working with Squash Victoria on an action research project to assess current governance practice and, with the board and CEO, design new and improved governance structures and processes. Lesley and David have also undertaken a series of interviews with Malcolm Speed, former Cricket Australia and ICC CEO. The interview series has focused on governance themes such as shared leadership between the board and CEO, board strategic function, balancing the performance and conformance role of the board, and governance structures. Malcolm's 35-year experience in the governance of sport at the international, national and state level has proved a 'gold mine' of insight into changing governance practice.

Lesley recent publications include 'Developing Board Strategic Capability in Sport Organisations: The National-regional Governing Relationship', Sport Management Review Professor David Shilbury and 'A model for improving board performance: The case of a national sport organisation' in the Journal of Management and Organization with Professors Gael McDonald and David Shilbury.

In Trimester 1, 2011, Lesley is unit chair of MMS716 Sport Organisation Theory and continues her unit chair and re-development responsibilities for MMS306 Sport Practicum. Changes to the practicum unit will involve greater use of online technologies for students placed in the field such as the 'e-portfolio', as the unit becomes a compulsory component of the sport management programs at Deakin from 2011 onwards.

If you work for an industry organisation in sport, and are interested in having a student on placement, please contact Lesley Ferkins via email: lesley.ferkins@deakin.edu.au or phone: (03) 9251 7407. Interstate sport organisations are also encouraged as there will be online options for students commencing in 2012.

Assoc Prof Pamm Kellett

Assoc Prof Pamm Kellett

Pamm began 2011 with a promotion to Associate Professor.

Pamm continues her role as coordinator of the postgraduate sport management program at Deakin University. Pamm has also been appointed to case study editor for the journal, Sport Management Review, providing leadership in the editorship and publication of industry case studies. Pamm continues to conduct and publish research in the areas of referees and umpires, events, and the action sport sector. Pamm also presented her work on recruitment and retention of officials at the ASC National Coaching and Officiating Conference (November 2010). Pamm also supervised Dr Andrew Dawson, who completed his PhD in coach career development in October 2010. Dr Dawson is a Lecturer in the School of Exercise and Nutrition Science at Deakin University.

Pamm teaching interests include the undergraduate capstone unit in the Bachelor of Sport Development, Planning for Sport Policy and Development, and the capstone unit in the Master of Business Sport Management, Strategic (Sport) Management).

Dr Sheila Nguyen

Dr Sheila Nguyen

Sheila worked with the Aoti Main Stadium broadcasting team at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou in November, servicing clients such as CCTV, Al-Jazeera, KBS, and NHK. At the 2010 Faculty Awards Seminar, Sheila was acknowledged by the Dean as a 'Lecturing Legend' (top ten in teaching within the Faculty of Business and Law) and has been committed to a number of students working on research. Sheila is leading a research project with an AFL team on business development and was recently appointed as the Project Manager of Baseball Victoria's major review into participation and competition structures.

Sheila will be heading overseas (USA) for 6 months beginning June to conduct and present research on Corporate Social Responsibility at UC Berkeley and Boston College, and will be involved with research at the University of Notre Dame as an invited Visiting Scholar (Mendoza College of Business). Sheila is looking forward to her research sabbatical abroad- watch this space for an update in trimester 2's newsletter!

Professor David Shilbury

Prof David Shilbury

David has been awarded the prestigious Earle F. Zeigler award by the North American Association for Sport Management (NASSM). The award will be presented at the NASSM's conference in June 2011 in Canada. David will be the first non-North American to be honoured with this award, which recognises his contributions to the field of sport management via scholarship and service.

David attended the 2011 European Association for Sport Management conference in Prague, presenting papers on his bibliometric work with sport journals, and on sport policy work in relation to anti-doping and pro cycling. This work in pro cycling was the focus of a two-day conference at Deakin University organised by Martin Hardie from the School of Law. Floyd Landis was one high profile attendee that attracted attention.

David was recently appointed associate editor of the Journal of Sport Management, the field's leading journal. His recent publications include: 'Using grounded theory in sport management research', International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, with Assoc Prof Popi Sotiria, and articles on sport governance co-authored with Dr Lesley Ferkins in Sport Management Review and the Journal of Management and Organisation, and Managing Leisure.

David conducted the annual student early career workshop, and contributed to a sport governance workshop at SMAANZ in Wellington. He gave a keynote address at the NZ Recreation Association conference there.

Dr Paul Turner

Dr Paul Turner

Paul has had a busy period in research teaching and service contribution to the program and the University. He has published two manuscripts, 'Matching the club to the sponsor: perceptions of Australian Football League club sponsorship managers', in the Journal of Sponsorship, with Adam Karg and former Honours student Paul Fuller, and 'Learning to Read Journal Articles: An Exploratory Study of an Australian Marketing Class' in TMC Academic Journal , with colleagues from the School of Management and Marketing.

Paul received acknowledgement as a top ten researcher within the Faculty of Business and Law in 2010 at the Faculty Awards Seminar held late last year and attended the SMAANZ conference in Wellington in November, presenting a paper on 'Regulation in a changing broadcasting environment: perspectives of professional sport in Australia'.

Paul was again the primary selection officer for students into the two undergraduate degrees, the Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) and the Bachelor of Sport Development. He also assisted the School of Exercise Science in the selection into the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science/ Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) program. In February, Paul became the Honours Coordinator within the School and is looking forward to recruiting many ex-students back to complete further study in an honours research year in the future.

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15th February 2013