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Sammy WloszczowsikAn inside look at new media and Cultivate Sports

Interview with Sammy Wloszczowski

Sammy Wloszczowski graduated from Deakin in 2007 and is currently involved as the owner and principal agent at sports agency, Cultivate Sport.

Cultivate Sports is an athlete development agency, which focuses on the career progression of individuals outside of sport, and is based on the values that are important to him as an individual. Sammy states that these values 'have been defined and refined over time through my educational grounding at Deakin University, and my time in various athlete development roles since my graduation.' In discussing the industry, Sammy notes the term ‘Sports Agent’ carries a vast array of positive and negative connotations. In recent times, he suggests, it has carried significantly more of the negative. Consequently, Sammy believes that, 'to develop the athlete as a person is to adopt a holistic strategy that involves letting the athlete define who they are going to be known as, and facilitating that projection to the public. Part of this strategy includes the use of digital marketing across a variety of mediums.'

As part of their services, Cultivate Sports’ athletes utilise a mix of Twitter feeds, personal blogs, Facebook fan pages, websites, and now, an iPhone application. All digital marketing mediums are vehicles for athletes to project their desired perception of self to the public, which includes their fans, media, sponsors and interested stakeholders. This affords athletes a power of content delivery that was previously placed in the hands of journalists. While an athlete can project whatever image they choose, this can be positive or negative, as many athletes fail to realise the significance of their words in the public domain. However, the marketing potential for those who do it well is significant.

To deliver this message, Cultivate Sports delivers workshops detailing the social media risks and rewards for athletes across the sporting spectrum. This is in addition to the management of athletes and careers consultancy services, currently delivered by Sammy at the Victorian Institute of Sport, and previously at Melbourne Heart FC. Sammy attributes his success in part to his experience with Deakin noting an ability to advance his career in his ‘trademark impatient fashion’ by switching from full-time to part-time after two years, and flexibly completing a Bachelor of Commerce (Sport Management) over four years. This enabled Sammy to work full time for an AFL Club, enhancing his resume through work and study and progressing towards starting a sports agency at the age of 24. Going forward, he says, 'the development of my personal career is tied to the growth of Cultivate Sports, which is founded on a series of beliefs and ideals generated over my time at Deakin University.' Deakin is proud to have graduates like Sammy and Cultivate Sports leading the way!

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8th October 2013