Bowater Trust

This public trust was established in 1988 with an endowment by the Bowater Corporation of Australia Limited of $250,000. The Trust is also supported by public donation. Under the terms of the Trust, annual income from the Trust funds may be used (by School of Management and Marketing staff only) for a variety of purposes such as seminars, lectures and conferences, research projects, published reports, equipment and facilities and activities which may not be possible under normal funding provisions.

The Trustees are:

  • Mr Kean Selway
  • Professor Paul Couchman
  • Mr Gary Gribbin
  • Emeritus Professor Darrell Mahoney
  • Mr Kevin Thomas
  • Dr Lisa McQuilken

Secretary: Mrs Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Some recent projects supported by the Bowater Trust include:

  • Research Trimester grants for staff
  • Social Entrepreneurship Challenge
  • Study of corporate social responsibility in professional sport $5,800
  • Study of social sustainability in housing markets $5,912
  • Increasing investment in sustainability in the built environment $12,000
  • Deakin Bowater Trust Outstanding (Staff) Contributor Prize $2,000
  • The Bowater Medal $3,000: The Bowater Medal is awarded each year to the graduate who has completed a major offered by the School of Management and Marketing and is deemed to be most deserving of the title "Bowater Graduate of the Year".

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