Student Mentor Program - Geelong

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As a new student, your first few weeks at University can be daunting.

It doesn't matter if you are mature age or high school aged, a domestic or international student or whether you have come out of a pathways institution, the student mentors can assist you!

Aims of the Program

The Student Mentor Program is all about supporting new students through their social and academic transition in their first trimester. Mentors are current Business and Law students who are able to provide first-hand experience, advice and suggestions to make your time at Deakin more enjoyable and easy.

We mentors believe in studying smarter, not harder, and can provide tips on balancing time between working on your assignment and subject material, understanding the requirements of assignments; exam preparation; and what student life is like at Deakin.

How it works

After signing up, you will meet with your mentor and 2-4 other new students once a week. The mentor is there to answer any questions that most staff will not have an answer to and will give advice from a student's perspective. There are a wealth of resources available to you (both academically and socially) - the mentors will show you where to find them!

To make your transition even easier, we organise a range of social and community based activities throughout the trimester. Come for a free feed in week 5 with our Pictionary and Parmi night or help us replace all that pre-exam printing on our plant a tree day!

The program is free and you are under no obligation after signing up. However, mentors are not tutors and will not give you answers to academic questions or hand you our study notes. We will help you succeed by sharing what works (and what doesn't work) for us and which resources are open to you.

Benefits to you

  • Clarification over academic expectations
  • Opportunities to expand your social network across courses and year levels
  • Reference to support services in both the faculty and university
  • Confidence in transitioning into a new learning environment
  • Making the most of the university's social and professional activities

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