Student Mentor Program - Melbourne

Application for mentors

Thank you for your interest in this Faculty coordinated program.

The Faculty is looking for committed Business and Law students to provide volunteer support and guidance to newly commencing students.

Selection criteria

Volunteer mentors are chosen for their:

  • ability to assist and support new students in their transition to University
  • commitment to helping others and supporting their University community
  • enthusiastic, approachable, motivated and reliable nature
  • communication skills and interest in developing leadership skills
  • knowledge of University and Faculty support services
  • good, consistent academic results with a WAM (average academic results greater than 60%).

All the information you need about becoming a mentor is available here. If you have any question, please contact the Program Manager or the respective Mentor Coordinator before applying.

Just a quick reminder:

Mentors can:

  • give study tips based on their own experiences
  • advise students broadly on how to go about answering coursework
  • assist students to develop independent learning skills
  • refer students to resources and services available in the University community.

Mentors cannot:

  • directly answer assessment questions
  • provide a copy of their own course notes or assignments
  • write assignments
  • be a unit tutor.

Benefits for mentors:

  • develop skills in communication, organisztion and leadership
  • acquire experiences which you can add value to your CV
  • networking opportunities with other mentors and mentees
  • a sense of achievement of helping others by sharing your own experiences.

group discussion

The application process

  • Your application will be shortlisted based on selection criteria.
  • If your application is successful you will be asked to attend a group interview.
  • Detailed program requirements are outlined in the online application form.
  • All new mentors must attend a one day training session.
  • The program timeline will be given to you at the interview.

As a mentor you would also be required to attend:

  • Presentations about the mentor program to new students.
  • First meeting between mentors and new students (dates to be confirmed at interview).
  • Subsequent meetings as negotiated between mentors and matched new students. Details and resources provided at training.

To apply:

Applications are closed.

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