Student Mentor Program in Melbourne

Get a mentor: Registration information for new students

Aims of the program:

  • support new students with academic and social transition in their first trimester at Deakin
  • create networks and links to the University community
  • assist new students in recognising what is expected of them as students at Deakin.

Benefits for new students:

  • immediate link into Deakin community,
  • learn from shared experiences, and gain easy access to a wealth of knowledge that your Mentor has already obtained,
  • find out how to be a successful Deakin student,
  • a senior student and also a friend to go and ask for advice,
  • ways to increase your levels of confidence in this new and dynamic environment that we operate in,
  • It FREE!

Mentors can:

  • give study tips based on their own experiences
  • advise students broadly on how to go about answering coursework
  • assist you to become 'independent' learners
  • refer you to the resources and services available in the Deakin University community.

Mentors cannot:

  • directly answer assessment questions
  • provide a copy of their own course notes or assignment
  • write your assignment
  • be a unit tutor.

Matching process:

Where possible we aim to match new students to mentors studying the same or similar course or discipline. Subject to numbers and applications, you may be mentored in a group of two to four students.

First meeting (compulsory):

You and your Mentor will meet and get to know each other. At this meeting you will also discuss expectations, roles, responsibilities and future meeting schedule.

Student discussion

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Postgraduate students
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Essential criteria to register for this program:

We expect that you will

  • have a desire to be a successful Deakin student
  • respect the time and efforts of your mentor and group
  • commit time to attend the first meeting , organised program events and organised team meetings
  • provide timely feedback to your mentor and program coordinators and complete final online mentee evaluation form.

To Register

Trimester 2 registrations are closed.

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