Welcome to the Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Organisations (CSaRO)

Organisations globally are confronted with the need to function in a sustainable and responsible manner. This includes having a keen sense of social responsibility and good governance for effective outcomes. The issues are multidimensional and complex, and require to be informed by high level research on evolving theoretical and real-life solutions. CSaRO has already established research leadership in these areas and is ideally placed to build on the opportunities and partnerships - both locally and internationally. CSaRO researchers are already working on various competitive research grants partnering with industry and other academic institutions that seek to provide leading and cutting edge solutions for more sustainable outcomes. We invite you to delve into the information site on our key themed areas of research, namely:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and
  • Sustainable Governance including Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) management
  • Ethical and Responsible Governance

Professor Nava Subramaniam
Director, Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Organisations

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