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Reporting your research publications

The annual Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC), measures staff and student research output, in order to calculate part of the funding for research awarded to each institution.

The research publications submission process for staff and HDR students in Business and Law is as follows:

  1. Staff and HDR authors submit their publications with any verification evidence required for HERDC using a Faculty publications reporting proforma [29KB DOC] to the contacts set out below.

    School Contact
    Accounting Economics and Finance Lee-Ann Stones
    Deakin Graduate School of Business Vicki Daley
    Law Sheryl Pascoe
    Management and Marketing Elizabeth Fitzgerald
    Information and Business Analytics and other staff Katrina Fleming

  2. Faculty Research Admin staff verify against HERDC Specifications and enter details on DRO.
  3. Research publications data is uploaded from DRO to the Deakin Research database, to update publication reports by individual, Faculty or School.

Follow the checklist on page 2 of the Faculty publications reporting proforma [29KB DOC] as a guide to the verification evidence needed for the HERDC.

Evidence may consist of: publisher's electronic copies, scanned copies, photocopies, offprints or original publications. Providing material in electronic format speeds up recording, however scanned evidence must be clear and legible.

The Faculty publications reporting proforma [29KB DOC] also allows the submitting author to provide the URL for the online version of their publication and any necessary evidence (eg. peer review, contents pages etc) - except for conferences, for which online evidence is often transitory.

Books may be provided as evidence and will be kept for inclusion in the Library collection, or if requested will be returned to the author once verified.

Links to the Specifications for the HERDC, Register of Refereed Journals and Register of Commercial Publishers, the Field of Research (FoR) and Socio-Economic Objective (SEO) codes and the ISI Indicies and Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, are available on the Deakin Research Publications Collection Links website.

The categories of publication which are reported for the HERDC are:

  • research books (A1);
  • chapters in research books (B1);
  • peer-reviewed journal articles (C1); and
  • peer-reviewed published conference papers (E1) - normally only for significant conferences in Information Systems

Reported research publications are also used to support applications for research support, including Overseas Conference Leave, research grants and Academic Study Leave, and for academic promotion. Staff webpages link directly to their list of reported publications. Non-HERDC publications and conferences may be listed in a CV pdf document and made available from an individual profile page. Highlight publications may also be listed on staff profile pages.


Staff, students and visitors can search the University's publication reports by individual researcher, or by School or Faculty for a specific year.

New Staff

Staff who are new to Deakin can have their older HERDC publications (A1, B1, C1 from 2005 onwards) added to their record at Deakin. Please email for details.

DRO - Open Public Access

The Deakin Research Online (DRO) repository has been established in order to make Deakin's research highly visible and accessible through a global network of services such as OAIster, ARROW, Google Scholar and Internet search engines.

Open access to full text versions can be made possible in most instances. Where the publisher allows open access to the published version, that version will be made visible on DRO. Data is extracted from DRO for the annual HERDC submission and to update reports on the Deakin Research website.

DRO Reports

DRO may be searched by Author, Subject or 'Community/Collection' (includes Schools and the Faculty of Business and Law) as well as by advanced search combinations.

Queries - contact


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Bronwyn Kelly
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