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The Faculty of Business and Law is committed to research that is high in academic standard, flexible in nature, and relevant - crossing a variety of disciplines, our projects aim to be meaningful to commercial and business interests, and to the broader community.

Gain an insight into some of the quality research being undertaken in our research stories listed here.

Habibur RahmanIn her submission to the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry, Law Professor Samantha Hepburn called for reforms in the industry.

Habibur RahmanNatural disasters undo years of capital accumulation instantaneously ... disaster risk mitigation is not part of the national development plans of most countries...

Vivek ChandraPhD student Vivek Chandra describes himself as 'a lifetime academic, energy professional, entrepreneur and traveller'. Here's why...

WheelchairDr Elizabeth manning looks at how the proposed National Disability Insurance Scheme can make a difference.

James Davidson PhD studentPhD student, James Davidson's research into consumer behaviour and electric power vehicles..

Frayed and frazzledProfessor Andrew Noblett is focused on employee well-being.

Prof Jean du PlessisWhat is it and how does it help to keep Germany's economy thriving?

Martin HardieMartin Hardie has been at the forefront of the fight to clean up cycling.

Muhammad Iqbal AnjumDr Menzies is the lead researcher on a project investigating 'Australian Innovative Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in China.'

Muhammad Iqbal Anjum Dr Muhammad Iqbal Anjum's homeland of Pakistan has been trapped in a cycle of foreign debt for decades which was the motivation for his research thesis.

Katherine RowePhD researcher Katherine Rowe is combining her interest in health and sport with business and marketing to figure out why women under-represented in cycling.

rural imageRural and regional small business owners in Victoria rarely turn to the legal profession for pro-active advice...

image financeEvents can occur that render forward estimates in budgets obsolete ...

researcher imageThe coal seam gas industry is booming in Australia.

footballThat's the advice of Deakin University sports media expert Dr Paul Turner.

researcher imageWhen John Basarin's father, a Turkish army officer, took him to Gallipoli as a 10-year-old, little did he realise...

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