Business and Law Trimester 1 Units 2015

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MAA103 Accounting for Decision Making

MAA104 Financial Literacy

MAA261 Financial Accounting

MAA262 Management Accounting

MAA303 Auditing

MAA310 Accounting and Society

MAA363 Corporate Accounting

MAA427 Research Methods

MAA428 Contemporary Issues in Accounting

MAA451 Advanced Auditing

MAA456 Advanced Management Accounting

MAE101 Economic Principles

MAE102 The Global Economy

MAE202 National Economic Policy

MAE302 Macroeconomics of Open Economies

MAE303 International Trade

MAE305 Business and Financial Forecasting

MAE322 The Economics of the Environment

MAE356 Analytical Methods in Economics and Finance

MAE406 Business and Financial Econometrics

MAE411 Advanced Economic Theory

MAE413 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance

MAF202 Money and Capital Markets

MAF203 Business Finance

MAF255 Financial Planning

MAF302 Corporate Finance

MAF303 Treasury Management

MAF305 Bank Management

MAF306 International Finance and Investment

MAF307 Equities and Investment Analysis

MAF311 Superannuation Planning

MAF315 Building Client Relationships

MAF384 Financial Modelling

MAF421 Advanced Investments

MAF430 Advanced Derivative Securities

MAF453 Advanced Corporate Finance

MAR411 Research Report 1

MAR412 Research Report 2

MAR413 Research Report 3

MCA010 Communication for Academic Studies

MIS010 Academic Induction for the Bachelor of Information Systems

MIS070 Academic Induction for Postgraduate Information Systems

MIS101 Business Information Systems

MIS171 Business Analytics

MIS202 Managing Data and Information

MIS213 Business on the Internet

MIS231 Professional Ethics in the Digital Age

MIS271 Business Intelligence

MIS276 Design Thinking

MIS291 Community Based Volunteering A

MIS292 Community Based Volunteering B

MIS293 Work Based Learning


Social Media and Mobile Strategies

MIS313 Strategic Supply Chain Management

MIS390 Business Internship A

MIS391 Business Internship B

MIS392 Team Based Learning A

MIS393 Team Based Learning B

MIS394 Industry Based Learning in Business A

MIS396 Industry Based Learning in Business C

MIS398 Project Management

MLC101 Business Law

MLC201 Law in Business

MLC203 Corporations Law

MLC301 Principles of Income Tax Law

MLC310 Sport and the Law

MLL110 Legal Principles and Skills

MLL111 Contract

MLL213 Torts

MLL218 Criminal Procedure

MLL221 Corporate Law

MLL302 Human Rights Law

MLL316 Mining and Energy Law

MLL319 Sentencing Law and Practice

MLL324 Administrative Law

MLL327 Property

MLL351 Legal Internship

MLL405 Equity and Trusts

MLL408 Family Law

MLL410 Intellectual Property

MLP233 Criminal Law and Procedure

MLP301 Sentencing Law and Practice

MMC401 Qualitative Research for Business

MMC402 Research Design Strategies for Business

MMC403 Quantitative Research Methods for Business

MMC404 Research Paradigms in Management and Human Resource Management

MMH230 Strategic Human Resource Management

MMH299 Business Communication

MMH350 Skills Workshop in Counselling and Negotiation

MMH352 International and Comparative Human Resource Management

MMK265 Marketing Research

MMK266 Consumer Behaviour

MMK277 Marketing Management

MMK325 Strategic Marketing

MMK332 Direct and Digital Marketing

MMK393 Integrated Marketing Communications

MMM010 Portfolio 1

MMM101 Management Principles

MMM102 Global Mindset

MMM111 Intrapersonal Skills

MMM132 Management

MMM211 Team Dynamics

MMM233 Business and the Environment

MMM240 Organisational Behaviour

MMM241 Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MMM306 Global Strategy and International Management

MMM312 Event Management

MMM313 Corporate Social Responsibility

MMM343 Business Ethics

MMM385 Business in Asia

MMP111 Introduction to Property

MMP112 Sustainable Construction

MMP211 Statutory Valuation

MMP212 Property Investment

MMP213 Property Economics

MMP214 Commercial Property Construction Studies

MMP321 Advanced Property Analysis

MMP406 Research Paradigms in Property and Real Estate

MMS100 Sport Organisation

MMS202 Management of Sport Performance

MMS306 Sport Management Practicum

MMS307 Sport Facility and Event Management


MAA703 Accounting for Management

MAA705 Corporate Auditing

MAA716 Financial Accounting

MAA725 Advanced Accounting Principles and Practice

MAA744 Strategic Management Accounting

MAA753 Professional Research and Analysis for Accountants

MAA754 Enterprise Risk Management

MAA763 Governance and Fraud

MAA774 Management Accounting

MAA775 Auditing

MAA776 Financial Accounting 1

MAA777 Financial Accounting 2

MAA778 Financial Accounting 3

MAA906 Contemporary Issues in Accounting

MAA907 Advanced Auditing

MAA908 Advanced Management Accounting

MAE901 Advanced Econometrics

MAE903 Advanced Economic Theory

MAE905 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

MAF702 Financial Markets

MAF704 Treasury and Risk Management

MAF707 Investments and Portfolio Management

MAF708 Superannuation and Retirement Planning

MAF711 Modelling Techniques for Finance

MAF721 Finance

MAF759 Quantitative Methods for Finance

MAF761 Advanced Investments

MAF762 Advanced Derivative Securities

MAF764 Advanced Corporate Finance

MAF765 Financial Planning and Analysis

MAF901 Advanced Investments

MAF902 Advanced Derivative Securities

MAF903 Advanced Corporate Finance

MAR725 Research Methods

MAR905 Research Report

MIS701 Business Requirements Analysis

MIS712 eBusiness Strategies

MIS721 Social Media and Mobile Strategies

MIS761 Enterprise Information Management

MIS770 Analytical Skills for Managers

MIS771 Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation

MIS772 Predictive Analytics

MIS775 Decision Modelling for Business Analytics

MIS779 Decision Analytics in Practice

MIS782 Business Value of Information

MIS798 Project Management

MLC710 Sport and the Law

MLM740 International Commercial Law

MMD916 Thesis Method: Qualitative Research

MMH701 Human Resource Strategy

MMH707 Managing Transitions and Change

MMH709 Employment Relations for Organisational Effectiveness

MMK751 Services Marketing

MMK792 Arts Marketing

MMM790 Arts Management

MMP712 Rating and Statutory Valuation

MMP713 Property and Real Estate Context

MMP722 Sustainable Construction Studies

MMP742 Investment Valuation

MMS701 Athlete Management

MMS711 Introduction to the Sport Industry

MMS714 Management (Sport)

MMS715 Sport Promotions and Public Relations

MMS716 Sport Organisation Theory

MPA701 Accounting

MPA702 Financial Interpretation

MPA751 Financial Reporting and Analysis

MPA951 Financial Reporting and Analysis

MPD910 Thesis Literature Review

MPD911 Thesis Proposal

MPD912 Quantitative Thesis Research

MPD914 Thesis Results Reporting

MPE707 International Banking and Finance

MPE711 Global Trade and Markets

MPE781 Economics for Managers

MPE907 International Banking and Finance

MPE981 Economics for Managers

MPF753 Finance

MPF953 Finance

MPK701 Research Design and Analysis

MPK732 Marketing Management

MPK901 Research Design and Analysis

MPK932 Marketing Management

MPM701 Business Process Management

MPM703 Business Strategy and Analysis

MPM705 Retailing

MPM706 Strategic Management

MPM712 Managing Innovation

MPM721 Organisational Behaviour

MPM731 Business Communication for Managers

MPM732 Critical Thinking for Managers

MPM735 International Business Management

MPM778 The Leadership Adventure

MPM792 Operations Management

MPM906 Strategic Management

MPM912 Managing Innovation

MPM921 Organisational Behaviour

MPM935 International Business Management

MPS701 Principles of Risk Management and Insurance

MPS703 Reinsurance