Course Transfer

Applications for Trimester 3 2016 and Trimester 1 2017 course transfers are now open.

You can apply for a course transfer if you wish to:

  • Change courses
  • Change mode (between Cloud and campus)
  • Change campus (from one campus to another)
  • Change fee type (usually when a person obtains permanent residency)

Selection Criteria

Selection for course transfers is based on availability of places and academic performance.

Academic performance for Undergraduate students requires successful completion of a minimum of 4 units of study plus Weighted Average Mark (WAM) requirements detailed below:

Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) and Bachelor of Sport Development:

Students applying for course transfer to the Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) and Bachelor of Sport Development will normally need a minimum WAM of 65 to be considered for transfer.

The Course Director reserves the right to interview students whose background in sport, either in work history, sporting performance or voluntary involvement, is deemed to warrant consideration.

All other Business and Law courses:

Course Transfers into Campus Transfers into Transfers from Deakin
Learning Centres into
Campus Non-Law Courses Law Courses Non-Law Courses Law Courses Commerce
Burwood 65 70 65 65 60
Geelong 60 65 60 60 50
Warrnambool 50 60 No set min WAM 60 50
Cloud 50 60 No set min WAM 60 50

Postgraduate students are required to have achieved a standard progression rate of 60% (progression rate is calculated by all passed units/all attempted units) in order to be eligible for transfer.

Both Postgraduate and Undergraduate students must also meet normal selection criteria and standards (see online handbook) for the course they are applying to transfer to.

You must submit your Application for Course Transfer (PDF, 1.1 MB) form to

  • If your course transfer enrolment request has not been processed before the re-enrolment deadline, you must re-enrol in your existing course to avoid the late re-enrolment penalty fee.
  • If approved, a course transfer may increase the time it takes to complete your degree as all the units that you have completed so far may not count towards your new course.
  • If you are an international student, you should consider how a course transfer will affect your visa status.
  • Students transferring from a combined degree to a single degree (e.g. Arts/Law to Law), must transfer all units course grouped to the single component degree, including fails, ie all law units.
  • Students transferring from a single degree to a combined degree (e.g. Commerce to Engineering/Commerce), must transfer all units from the first degree, ie Commerce, including fails.
  • Students transferring from a single degree to another single degree (e.g. Arts to Commerce), can choose to bring across any passed units they choose (within course rules). This is also applies if a combined degree student transfers to a completely new combined degree, e.g.  Engineering/Commerce to Arts/Law.
  • Students can transfer from course A > B > A, but not back to B again. For example, Commerce > Commerce/Law > Commerce, but not back to Commerce/Law.
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