MBA Scholarships - GMAT/GRE

From Trimester 1 2014, for international students starting a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Course Master of Business Administration (M701)
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this scholarship, students must:

  1. Apply to undertake Master of Business Administration (M701) and meet the entry requirements.
  2. Complete either GMAT with a score of 550 or greater, or GRE with a Verbal Reasoning score of 160 or greater and a Quantitative Reasoning score of 140 or greater.
  3. Submit your GMAT/GRE results with your application.
Campus Melbourne Burwood campus only
Value/Amount 20 per cent fee reduction for the entire course, provided students maintain the progress requirements for the scholarship i.e. successful completion (pass grade or better) for all units.

At the 2013 fee rate, this represents a fee reduction of up to $5500 per student in the MBA.

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