Pass Conceded Grades

Process for students enrolled in a Faculty of Business and Law course only.
The criteria for eligibility is in the Assessment (Higher Education Courses) - Procedure


Pass Conceded grade may be awarded where the following conditions are met:

  • the student is one credit point short of completing their program of study
  • the unit mark in question is 45% or greater and less than 50%
  • the student has not failed any hurdle requirement for the unit for which a Pass Conceded grade is being considered
  • the student has not been awarded a Pass Conceded grade for any other unit in a course or articulated program of courses.
  • the student must have received a fail grade for no more than the number of units as specified in the following table:
    Degree type Number of units in which fail grade may have been received
    Three-year undergraduate degree A fail grade in no more than three (3) other units
    Four- or five-year undergraduate degree A fail grade in no more than four (4) other units
    Combined degrees A fail grade in no more than two (2) other units in the relevant degree of the combined degree program
    Graduate Certificate
    Graduate Diploma
    A fail in no more than one (1) other unit
    Masters A fail in no more than two (2) other units

The Faculty Academic Progress Committee must consult with Heads of Schools and Course Teams when deciding whether to award a Pass Conceded grade.

In relation to combined degree programs, a student is eligible to be considered for a Pass Conceded grade in each of the component degrees.

In some cases, eg LLB, professional recognition requirements will make a Pass Conceded grade inappropriate even where all criteria have been met. If you are in this category please seek advice from a student adviser.

If you are outside of the Deakin network, you will be required to log in with your Deakin username and password to complete an application.

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