Planning your course

To help you plan your course over several years the Faculty has provided a sample degree structure for some courses and major combinations. These take into account the usual offerings, pre-requisites, co-requisites and core units required in the course rules.

Sample degree structures are intended as a guide only. Units may not be available across all campuses in the study period indicated. For more about the rules for your course consult the University handbook.


Course File type and size
Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) M391 (PDF, 121.7 KB KB) 
Bachelor of Sport Development M320 (PDF, 92 KB) 
Bachelor of Commerce M300 (PDF, 128.5 KB)    
M300 (PDF, 159.9 KB)
For students commencing study prior to 2016
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws D322 (PDF, 128.1 KB) 
Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Information Systems D366 (PDF, 103.1 KB)
Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)/ Bachelor of Property and Real Estate D336 (PDF, 76 KB)
Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences/ Bachelor of Commerce D301 (PDF, 82 KB)
Bachelor of Information Systems including Combined Courses M340, D367, D368, D369, D371 (PDF, 109 KB)
Bachelor of Laws M312 (PDF, 88 KB) 
Bachelor of Laws – Combined Courses D312, D323, D327, D331, D335, D367 (PDF, 79 KB)
Bachelor of Management M325 (PDF, 107 KB)
Bachelor of Property and Real Estate M348 (PDF, 109 KB)
Bachelor of Property and Real Estate/ Bachelor of Commerce D325 (PDF, 120 KB)
Bachelor of Property and Real Estate/ Bachelor of Laws D396 (PDF, 86 KB)


Sample degree structures 

Course name Trimester 1 (T1) 2016 Trimester 3 (T3) 2015
Master of Business Administration/Master of Leadership D713_2016 (PDF, 96 KB) D713_2015 (PDF, 94.7 KB)
Master of Professional Accounting M720_2016 (PDF, 86.2 KB) M720_2015 (PDF, 67.2 KB)
Master of Information Systems M722_2016 (PDF, 116 KB) M722_2015 (PDF, 90 KB)
Master of International Business M723_2016 (PDF, 87 KB) M723_2015 (PDF, 86.8 KB)
Master of Business (Sports Management) M748_2016 (PDF, 85 KB) M748_2015 (PDF, 85 KB)
Master of International Finance M750_2016 (PDF, 83.2 KB) M750_2015 (PDF, 84.3 KB)
Master of Business Administration (International) M751_2016 (PDF, 132 KB) M751_2015 (PDF, 132 KB)
Master of Commerce M755_2016 (PDF, 127.2 KB) M755_2015 (PDF, 127 KB)
Master of Business Analytics M761_2016 (PDF, 66.6 KB)
Master of Business Analytics
M760_2015 (PDF, 66.1 KB)
Master of Accounting and International Finance         M794_2016 (PDF, 98.9 KB) M794_2015 (PDF, 79.5 KB)
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