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The Centre for Chemistry and Biotechnology (CCB) investigates how molecules are made, how they can be used and how they work in complex biological systems. Our research falls into two major areas: biotechnology and chemistry. CCB currently has five major research strands: separation and analysis, molecule building, aquaculture, industrial biotechnology and agricultural biotechnology.

Our focus is to strengthen platform technologies for the analysis and production of organic molecules, and to apply these technologies to solve important biological and industrial problems.

professor Colin Barrow

Alfred Deakin Professor and Chair of Biotechnology

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A wealth of industries

At CCB, we focus on biotechnology and chemistry. Biotechnology is an important industry sector that covers molecular biology, human and animal health, pharmaceuticals, environment, agriculture, medical devices, nanotechnology and related sciences and manufacturing. It also incorporates associated business, regulatory, and intellectual property skills.

Most of our research is underpinned by chemistry – the isolation, synthesis, processing and detection of compounds, especially those with biological activity. It includes medicinal, supramolecular and natural product chemistry applications of chemiluminescence as a tool for determining pharmaceuticals, antioxidants in food, other biologically-active molecules and explosives.

Fighting crime

Biotechnology and chemistry have many exciting applications. CCB is currently researching chemical, biological and data analysis for forensic investigations.

In partnership with Victoria Police, we're making significant advances on key projects with the Victoria Police Forensic Services Department. These include the development of DNA analysis, entomology studies and illicit drug chemical fingerprinting.

Our research team contributes to crime scene analysis, which includes the mapping of blood stain patterns and the electronic reproduction of crime scene information. These projects make an important contribution to forensic science in Victoria and have recently led to several key publications.

Featured researchers

Meet just a few of our leading researchers producing world-class outcomes.

colin barrow

Alfred Deakin Professor Colin Barrow

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david cahill

Professor David Cahill


michelle harvey

Dr Michelle Harvey


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To be a CCB research student, you need to be curious, innovative and keen to explore the potential of fascinating research. This could be addressing the demand for sustainable supplies or discovering a new anticancer agent.

By joining us, you could be at the forefront of the next big biotechnical or chemical solution delivering positive impacts locally and globally.

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