Our team and publications

Our team at the Centre for Chemistry and Biotechnology is led by Director Professor Colin Barrow. We have a number of widely-published and highly-esteemed research fellows who all work hard to initiate advances in chemistry and biotechnology.


Chair of Biotechnology 
Alfred Deakin Professor Colin Barrow


Dr Jacqui Adcock
Personal Chair 
Alfred Deakin Professor Neil Barnett
Associate Dean (Research) 
Professor David Cahill
Professor in Chemistry 
Professor Paul Francis
Senior Lecturer 
Dr Frederick Pfeffer
Associate HOS (Research and Warrnambool) 
Associate Professor Giovanni Turchini


Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
Dr Taiwo Akanbi
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Trent Ashton 
Lecturer in Chemistry 
Dr Damien Callahan
Associate Head of School (Academic Programs and Student Experience) 
Dr Xavier Conlan
Senior Lecturer in Aquaculture Nutrition
Dr David Francis
Associate Professor of Forensic Science
Associate Professor Michelle Harvey
Senior Research Fellow in Materials Chemistry 
Dr Luke Henderson
Casual Academic 
Brendan Holland
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Nauman Khalid
Casual Academic
Dr Benjamin Long
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Pavani Nadiminti
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
Dr Tim Nalder
Lecturer in Biological Sciences 
Dr Jim Rookes
Research Fellow 
Dr Zoe Smith
Teaching Scholar, Chemistry
Dr Angel Torriero
Senior Research Fellow (Biotechnology/Chemistry)
Dr Wenrong Yang