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Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Jane den Hollander

How can one person change the world?
I believe there are few things that are as empowering and liberating as an education.

There is no substitute for the magic that occurs in a person when they learn, grow, develop and believe in their own abilities to make positive change in the world.

The gift of learning goes much further and can change the lives of individuals and their families for generations to come.  Equity scholarships make a real difference in the lives of talented people, who because of financial disadvantage or personal circumstances, might otherwise not have been able to access the benefits of a higher education.

Scholarships enable students to reach their full potential and make their goals a reality - whether they dream of personal fulfilment, making a difference in industry, undertaking pioneering research or dedicating their talents to serving the community.

Think about it for a minute. By giving back, you unlock the potential of capable students, enabling them to make a real difference in the world. It can truly change lives. Your support can provide an educational experience that empowers a student to become an inspiring leader of the future.

Jane den Hollander
Deakin University

39% of young people from regional areas
Only 39% of young people from regional areas intend to enrol in university

1 in 5 go without food
1 in 5 full-time low SES students report they regularly go without food or other necessities because they are unable to afford them

55% receive no financial support
55% of full-time low SES students receive no financial support from their family

4 in 5 students have a job
4 in 5 Australian full-time undergraduate students have a job