Molecular bioscience research

Our research yields fundamental knowledge that underpins future advances in medicine and agriculture. We investigate the basic aspects of cell, molecular and developmental biology at multiple levels, from individual molecules to the whole organism. In doing this we consider environmental interactions and their evolutionary context.

The ability to analyse biology and pathology at the cellular and molecular level provides unprecedented opportunities for new discoveries.

Professor Leigh Ackland

Our research areas

A key strength of our research is the use of non-traditional species, supported by sophisticated genome engineering, microscopy, molecular and bioinformatics approaches.

Our research areas include:

  • developmental biology
  • neurobiology
  • vision science
  • metals in health and disease
  • cytokine biology
  • RNA processing and chromatin remodelling
  • comparative animal physiology
  • environment/organism interactions.

Brain injury mechanisms

Dr Steve Cheung, our senior lecturer in Biomedical Science, is a neuroscientist. His research is focused on brain injury mechanisms and the identification of novel genes involved in acute and chronic neurodegeneration.

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Our team


Joint Theme Leader
Professor Leigh Ackland 
Joint Theme Leader
Dr Sharon La Fontaine 
Associate Professor Peter Beech
Senior Lecturer In Medical Biotechnolog
Dr Yann Gibert
Deputy Head Of School
Professor John Donald
Associate Professor Of Biomedical Science
Associate Professor Cenk Suphioglu
Senior Lecturer
Dr Bernhard Dichtl
Lecturer In Molecular Genetics
Dr Michael Cater
Senior Lecturer In Biomedical Science
Dr Steve Cheung 
Senior Lecturer
Dr Stuart Linton 
Senior Lecturer In Pharmacology
Dr Tamsyn Crowley

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