Local partnerships

Deakin forms strategic partnerships with local government, sporting organisations, not-for-profit organisations and community venues across Melbourne.

These mutually beneficial relationships improve opportunities for Deakin students, local businesses and the broader community.

Asian Business Association of Whitehorse (ABAW) Inc.

This not-for-profit organisation’s mission is to enhance the quality of commercial activities in the City of Whitehorse through the organisation of various celebrations and events involving the Asian and broader community.

The partnership between Deakin University and ABAW has resulted in several initiatives including advocacy of ABAW on behalf of Deakin both locally and internationally, WIL and Graduate Employment opportunities.

The most visual and celebratory outcomes of our partnership is Deakin’s sponsorship of the Lantern Festival and the Box Hill Chinese New Year Celebrations. The Year of the Dog Celebrations will take place on Saturday 17 February.

Learn more about ABAW and Chinese New Year Celebrations today.

Deakin Edge

Deakin Edge is one of Melbourne's most iconic theatre spaces. 

Located in Federation Square, the auditorium hosts over 300 events annually, including the Melbourne Writers Festival, Melbourne Conversations and Melbourne Architecture Week. The high-profile venue has welcomed some of Australia's finest thinkers, prominent orators and eminent performers.

The Deakin Edge partnership provides new opportunities for the university to extend its presence in the community. Its public lectures and events promote ideas, public debate and dialogue in the heart of Melbourne. 

As the university's namesake Alfred Deakin is widely regarded as the father of Australian federation, it's a fitting tribute to him that this democratising, prominent, public space carries the Deakin name.

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Deakin Melbourne Boomers

Deakin is the naming partner of the Deakin Melbourne Boomers. The Deakin community proudly supports this powerful Women’s National Basketball League team.

Deakin recognises the role that these extraordinary athletes, some of whom are Deakin students and alumni, play in inspiring the next generation of young basketballers.

Deakin supports elite athletes through its participation in the Elite Athletes Friendly University (EAFU) network. Plus, as an added bonus, Deakin staff, students and alumni are eligible to receive 50% off tickets to all Boomers home games.

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Elite Athletes Friendly University network

Whitehorse Community Chest

Deakin works in partnership with the Whitehorse Community Chest – a not-for-profit organisation that has raised nearly $5 million for eligible welfare organisations, charitable causes, initiatives and smaller agencies in the Whitehorse area.

Deakin has long supported the Whitehorse Community Chest, including providing the organisation with temporary office space in 2013 after fire damaged their own. We've hosted their annual beneficiary night, networking and fundraising events, and in 2016 helped launch their monthly Farmer's Market, held on our Burwood Campus.

Deakin staff and students regularly assist the Chest’s fundraising, promotional and awareness campaigns, and volunteer for activities in the local community.

Whitehorse Festival Season

Deakin has proudly supported Whitehorse City Council's annual Festival Season since 2012. As principal sponsor, Deakin actively contributes to the council's inclusive festival program in a variety of meaningful and creative ways.

The Festival Season is enjoyed by over 50,000 local residents and more than 200 local community groups. Seven free events are held throughout each year in spring, summer and autumn.

Whitehorse Business Week

Deakin partners with Whitehorse City Council to support its annual Whitehorse Business Week, an initiative to inform, grow and develop local businesses. 

Attended by upwards of 1000 business professionals, the week is made up of a series of events. 

Topics relevant to current business and economic conditions are presented to give local businesses a competitive edge. Business Week's signature dinner event was the first public event to ever be held at Deakin's Burwood Corporate Centre.

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Deakin Edge at Federation Square

Deakin Edge is a wonderful venue at Federation Square that is proudly sponsored by Deakin University