Western Metropolitan Melbourne partnerships

Deakin are building lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships across western metropolitan Melbourne − one of the fastest growing regions in Victoria.

We engage proactively and strategically with industry, government and community partners to develop opportunities for research, education and leadership in line with regional development priorities in Melbourne's west.

Werribee Learning Centre

In 2014, Deakin extended its partnership with The Gordon Institute to establish the Werribee Learning Centre.

The main aim of the centre is to support and encourage participation by students from diverse backgrounds in the rapidly growing western metropolitan region of Melbourne.

We do this by helping students progress seamlessly from The Gordon diplomas into Deakin degrees while studying locally.

Through the Werribee Learning Centre, students can work towards a certificate, diploma or a clear pathway on to an undergraduate program on offer at one of Deakin’s Geelong campuses or Cloud Campus.

The Werribee Learning Centre is also an accessible space for education delivery, corporate and community functions, and student engagement in western metropolitan Melbourne.

The centre includes:

  • large interactive screens and audio visual facilities
  • WiFi enabled rooms and workstations where staff and students can work while charging their mobile devices
  • conference and meeting facilities to enable the community to link with teaching and research opportunities across the world.

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Wyndham City Council

Our strategic partnership with Wyndham City Council brings benefits to both organisations. 

Deakin students can undertake internships and research with the City and staff from Wyndham City can build their professional development using tailored courses. Deakin’s expertise in climate change modelling and workforce development assist the City’s future planning work. 

Deakin, Wyndham City Council and Melbourne Water have partnered to develop the arts project ‘Treatment’ in 2015, and are working towards ‘Treatment II -Flightlines’ for March 2017.

Deakin works closely with Wyndham Council’s Economic Development Unit to provide business driven workshops presented by lecturers in Deakin’s Faculty of Business and Law to assist the local business community.

Western Metropolitan Regional Development Australia

To support the future workforce development planning for Melbourne’s West, we are working with Western Metropolitan Regional Development Australia (WMRDA).

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Wyndham Business Trends

Steady growth of businesses and sales in Wyndham City is increasing the level of confidence. Find out more in the Wyndham Business Trends survey.

PDF Wyndham Business Trends Survey (880KB, PDF)880.3KB

Hobson's Bay Council

Deakin works closely with Hobson’s Bay City Council’s Economic Development Unit to provide workshops for the local business community. 

Presentations given by lecturers in Deakin’s Faculty of Business and Law are well received and Deakin are keen to continue to work with the needs of the region’s business communities.

Western Leisure Services

Deakin has recently formed a partnership with Western Leisure Services and is proud to be promoted by them as their major tertiary partner. 

The partnership provides Work Integrated Learning opportunities for Deakin students across their facilities at AquaPulse and Eagle Stadium in Werribee. Part of our work will be to help provide educational pathways for Western Leisure Services staff interested in developing their careers, and their members. 

The partnership also provides a unique opportunity to promote Deakin’s courses to both the communities in western metropolitan Melbourne and to regional Victorian sporting families who regularly visit their state of the art facilities.

Working together we seek to provide unique and innovative training and research opportunities in the Sport, Leisure, Recreation and Engineering sectors which promote and enhance tertiary education opportunities for the Wyndham community.

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Werribee Football Club

Deakin is proud to have recently formed a new partnership with the Werribee Football Club. Part of the partnership is to work closely closely with their leadership team to build their capacity, capability and productivity through access to Deakin’s Work Integrated Learning students across a variety of faculties.

Though the partnership is in its infancy, the club are keen to work with Deakin on sport science driven initiatives, which will create unique learning environments for students in Deakin’s School of Exercise and Nutrition and add real value to the Werribee Football Club’s coaching capability.

Underpinning the partnership is the drive to create stronger tertiary aspiration for the diverse communities in Melbourne’s west, particularly in Wyndham, where the club’s connections with local schools are significant.

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Western Metropolitan Melbourne Memberships


Deakin is a member of LeadWest, an organisation that advocates for sustainable growth and development of the region. One of its key priorities is Education and Skills in the west. 

As a member, alongside other TAFEs and tertiary education providers, Deakin will be able to play a role in advocating on behalf of the region. 

Advocating to government for funding and prioritisation of key initiatives is vital to improving access to education in the region.

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Wyndham/Hobson's Bay Region Careers Association Inc. (WRICA)

Deakin is a member of WRICA, a not for profit organisation established to provide an opportunity for career development practitioners, working in secondary colleges located in the local government areas of Wyndham and Hobsons Bay to participate in professional learning. 

The key focus of the association is to provide information to practitioners on careers, courses, training, employment and industry to support their work with young people in schools.

WynBay Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN)

Deakin are members of the local LLEN which assists the alignment with educational pathways and local skills needs of the Wyndham and Hobsons Bay region.

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