DeakinDigital and DeakinPrime have merged to create DeakinCo.

This new business will deliver purpose-built learning, development and measurement solutions to help organisations prepare their workforce for the future.

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For employers

Professional development 

Our Professional Practice Credentialing service independently measures your team’s critical employability skills. Backed by our Professional Capability Standard, the results will identify their growth potential, enabling you to implement effective development using work or learning activities.

Talent management

Gain insights into the growth pathways of talented people by measuring their skills against future opportunity. This engaging experience will empower them to develop in the right areas so that they can succeed within your organisation.

Workforce planning

Take a data-driven approach to your workforce by matching the positions across your organisation to our Professional Practice Credentials. You'll get an unprecedented view of your organisation’s capabilities and potential. In essence, we give you workforce intelligence.

For employees

Have your experience independently verified with university backing

With Deakin University behind you, your experience will count for more when it's independently verified with one of Australia’s top universities.

Show employers what you can do

By gaining formal recognition for capabilities that are meaningful to them, current and prospective employers will know just how valuable you are.

Focus your professional development in the areas that really matter

Identify your strong suits, correct weak skills, and enhance your career to reveal new pathways to success.

Your credentials can take you even further

Deakin University Professional Practice Credentials from DeakinDigital can contribute towards post-graduate qualifications, saving you time and money.

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