Hire a tutor

Are you a parent of a child needing a little help with their school tasks? Are you a high school student with exams just around the corner? Are you a Deakin student needing to get on top of that one difficult subject?

Hiring a Deakin student as a tutor may be the answer.

Hiring a tutor

Deakin students and graduates make sensational tutors. They're clever, flexible and provide a positive learning environment for a wide range of needs.

Deakin education students make great tutors for younger, primary-aged students, as they know the curriculum and have the skills to teach one-on-one.

Please remember that Deakin students can also be great tutors for people wanting to learn general skills – for example, a new language, or how to use your computer to its full potential.

Tips to ensure you get the right tutor

When detailing who you'd like as a tutor in your advertisement, it's important you give as much information as possible. This is to make sure the right candidates apply, and to ensure our students only apply for the tutoring vacancies that they can excel at.

Below are questions to ask yourself when filling in the job vacancy form:

  • Do you want the tutor to help you achieve the best possible performance, or someone to teach concepts?
  • What subjects do you want to be tutored in?
  • How often do you want tutoring and for how long?
  • Where will the sessions be held?
  • Does the tutor require a Working With Children Check (applicable if your child is under the age of 18)?

Every tutoring request will need to specify how much you'll be paying the successful student per hour. To ensure you're offering competitive rates that will encourage top tutors to apply, please view our tutoring pay guidelines below.

Tutoring pay guidelines

The following minimum tutoring pay rates have been recommended by the Student Employment Officers' Association of Victoria (which represents all universities and TAFE institutes):

  • Primary and Secondary up to Year 10 (tutored by undergraduate) – $22 per hour
  • VCE (Year 11 and Year 12) – $25 per hour
  • Tertiary (tutored by undergraduate) – $30 per hour
  • Postgraduate students may charge an extra $5 per hour – negotiable
  • Tutoring two students may be charged at time and a half – negotiable
  • Tutoring three students may be charged at double time – negotiable.

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