Deakin's communication and creative arts students have access to professional standard equipment and facilities at both the Melbourne Burwood and Geelong Waterfront campuses.

Technology and expert guidance come together to provide our students with the best possible environment to inspire creativity.

Everything you need at your fingertips

Students can borrow professional grade equipment from our comprehensive media resource centres at Melbourne Burwood and Geelong Waterfront campuses.

Lighting and professional audio gear, 16mm film and digital video cameras and still SLR cameras are all available for projects and practice. We have team of technicians on staff to provide support and expertise.

But wait… there's more

Deakin is one of the first universities in the world to offer RED EPIC cameras. The digital camera of choice of the world's best filmmakers and photographers, four units are available for students' use.

Our facilities

Professional photographic lighting studio

  • Profoto flash units and modifiers
  • Overhead grid system for flash units
  • Calibrated viewing monitor for live capture and data projector for class review of images captured
  • Infinity desk for still-life object documentation

High-end Macintosh workstation

  • For colour-accurate live image editing
  • NEC UHD 4k Monitor
  • Nikon, Zeiss, Phase One and Hasselblad camera technology utilised in workflow

Digital photographic printing and editing facilities

  • Epson large-format printers
  • Controlled daylight viewing environment and image viewing booths
  • High-end Macintosh digital photographic editing workstations

Digital print workstations

  • Hasselblad Scanners
  • GTI Colour calibrated daylight viewing lights
  • Epson large format printers
  • Eizo 4k UHD colour-calibrated image viewing monitors.

iMac lab

  • Image editing and class deliveries
  • Overhead projectors and smart boards

Photographic darkroom

  • Film processing and analogue printing processes
  • Enlarger heads, sinks and chemical mixing areas

Deakin Sound design control room

  • Fully isolated control room featuring AVID Protools HD System (Apple Mac) and AVID control surface hardware
  • Studio features Grace and Audient mic preamps
  • Microphone options include a range of Nuemann, Rode and Sennheiser microphones
  • Monitoring via Genelec and Avantone speaker systems
  • Studio carries tie‐lines to both television and film studios for satellite tracking
  • Caters to small class groups and individual project bookings
  • Programmable lighting control

Deakin sound design performance space

  • Entirely sound-isolated room
  • 240V isolated power outlets
  • Tie-lines to control room, television studio and film studios
  • Film and television ADR visual monitoring via Sony 42-inch LCD panel
  • Bechstein Grand Piano
  • Programmable lighting control

Grading rooms

  • Two DaVinci Resolve grading rooms with SDI monitoring for Rec709 and DCI P3 Cinema output
  • Both rooms are equipped SDI hardware scopes, Cubix GPU acceleration and access to Deakin University’s 200TB Editshare network post-production storage
  • The edit suites also include Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, Blackmagic Fusion and all Adobe Creative Cloud applications

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