The School of Communication and Creative Arts (SCCA) conducts research in the broad areas of media and communication, literature and culture and the creative and performing arts.

Researchers work in partnership with arts bodies, local councils, major festivals, libraries and schools, community groups and corporate partners to deliver cutting-edge, non-traditional research outcomes.

Groundbreaking original research

Communication and creative arts researchers at Deakin achieve world-class outcomes in communications and media research in film, television and digital media, in performing art and creative writing, and in literary studies.

The SCCA's research is all about the new cultural landscape generated by technological revolutions and social changes.

The work is innovative and experimental, exploring emergent concepts and fresh practices that track the new connections between communication, creativity and public spaces.

Researchers achieve national and international recognition for their work in:

  • film studies and the production of films
  • the politics and craft of journalism and the news
  • technologically-mediated performance, including dance and drama
  • creative writing
  • sculpture
  • installation and public art
  • photography and performance art.

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Advanced media facilities

In the context of digital remediation and virtual-reality technologies, art practices now have the unique potential to drive new technological and conceptual developments. This is the focus at the Deakin Motion.Lab – Centre for Creative Arts Research.

The Deakin Motion.Lab – Centre for Creative Arts Research aims to become Australia's leading creative arts research centre known for its ability to effect arts innovation, analysis and economic growth and policy development through a unique, movement technology-focused program of practice-based artistic research.

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SCCA's research groups

Our academic staff and higher degree by research students are involved in numerous projects with the following research groups.

Art and performance

The art and performance group produces innovative research in dance, drama, visual art and photography. The group uses multidisciplinary techniques and a variety of research and learning environments to generate a broad range of knowledge.

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Literature and writing

Bridging the gap between theory and practice, the literature and writing research group believes a culture of critique and experimentation results in innovation, inclusion and enhanced democratic citizenship.

The group is especially interested in children's literature and contemporary poetry. 

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Exploring the definitions of 'publics' and 'citizenship', the communication research group is interested in questions that speak to our rights and responsibilities in the age of new media. 

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Screen and design

Spanning media and communications, cultural studies, film, television and digital media and design studies, the screen and design research group covers a broad, fertile range of inquiry. 

With studies reaching from film archives to the representations of personal identity, the group produces researching at the cutting-edge of the field. 

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Persona, Celebrity, Politics (PCP)

The PCP research group is made up of interdisciplinary scholars, creative practitioners and research students. 

The group is committed to examining the way public and private life is historically and presently constituted. It focuses on the:

  • role of persona in political and everyday life
  • meaning and significance of celebrity culture
  • way the public is mobilised in the digital era.

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Science and fiction

This dynamic research group examines and explores texts and contexts that future dream. Its projects extend to other science fiction research clusters in Victoria, nationally and internationally. 

The group forms new connections with those interested in the technological, environmental, social and biological issues that science fiction draws attention to.

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Contact us

The school welcomes enquiries from the media, prospective industry partners and future research students. 

For all queries about undertaking higher degrees by research at the SCCA, please contact us.

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