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Originally founded in 2006, Deakin Motion.Lab was established to intersect research, art and technology. Today, it's considered one of the most technologically advanced motion capture facilities in Australia. 

In 2016 Deakin Motion.Lab evolved, expanding to become one of the University’s key Strategic Research Centres: the Deakin Motion.Lab – Centre for Creative Arts Research (DML-CCAR).

Our research

DML-CCAR aims to address the changing contexts of digital art, movement technology and studio-based creative arts research, and to effect arts innovation, analysis, economic growth and policy development, through a unique, movement technology - focussed programme of practice based and critical artistic research.

Recent projects

The gothic in young adult fiction, film and television

A study on the contemporary transformation of the Gothic genre in cross-media texts.

Choreographic coding lab #3

Part of a four-year data project, in collaboration with Deakin Motion.Lab, to translate choreography and dance into a digital form.

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A DML-CCAR research project in action
A DML-CCAR research project in action

Our research focuses on forging new relationships between digital technologies and creative arts practices...whether this be through the use of VR, AR, motion capture, 4D cinema, eye tracking, or data algorithms.



Featured researchers

Meet just a few of our leading researchers striving to forge a new direction in creative arts research and development.

Associate Professor Sean Redmond

Associate Professor Sean Redmond

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Dr Scott Delahunta

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Associate Professor Katya Johanson

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Our team

Led by Associate Professor Sean Redmond, a digital screen studies specialist and leading eye tracker researcher, our team aims to address critical and fundamental questions that emerge in creative arts research in the age of increased augmentation and virtual reality.

We explore the opportunities, challenges, and critical, economic and cultural implications of art practice in an era where embodiment meets technology.

Our director

Sean Redmond took on the role of Director at the beginning of 2017. He has research interests in film and television aesthetics, science fiction film and television, visual effects, film authorship, film sound, and stardom and celebrity.

He convenes the Melbourne-based Eye Tracking and the Moving Image Research Group, and the Science Fiction Research group at Deakin University. He has published 15 books, including Liquid Space: Digital Age Science Fiction Film and Television (2017), A Companion to Celebrity (2015), The AFI Film Reader: Endangering Science Fiction Film (2015), Celebrity and the Media (2014), and The Cinema of Takeshi Kitano: Flowering Blood (2013). With Su Holmes, he edits the journal Celebrity Studies, short-listed for best new academic journal in 2011.

Sean is presently working on; eye tracking research that is examining the way viewers respond to abstract experimental film; a Model Citizen exhibition project; a series of video essays on eye tracking; and a monograph on the films of Kathryn Bigelow.

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