Literature and writing research

How can how public cultures of critique and experimentation re-invent forms of cultural innovation, social inclusion and democratic citizenship, in the context of the major challenges of the new century?

Connecting research with practice

In creative writing, researchers connect theoretical innovations with inventive new practices. Creative writers explore representations of history, subjectivity and the everyday as well as highly experimental, theoretically-informed prose. 

A special research concentration in contemporary poetry consists of prize-winning poets whose work investigates language and experience in everyday life.

Research breadth and depth

In literary studies, the concept of contemporary publics defines the distinctive approach to problems of reception and reflexivity that characterises our research inquiries in this field. 

In children’s literature, the notion of 'girlhoods' is emerging as a major focus around socialisation and readerships. This shifts research from the ideological characterisation of the implied reader towards the network of cultural practices surrounding actual contemporary and historical readerships. 

Researchers also investigate digital remediation and its effects on young readers and audiences, in relation to new narrative forms and children’s television, together with research into the class-based constitution of childhood and children’s fiction. 

In Australian literature, this research group has a distinctive focus on contemporary poetry and on poetic modernism. This can be summed up in terms of inquiry into poetic forms that technologically and literarily constitute new publics within the digitally constituted global 'republic of letters'. 

Finally, research into the sacred in literature involves an inquiry into the formation of religious counter-publics in a secular age, as well as the peculiar situation of the literary work on the boundary between the private and the public.

Our researchers

  • Dr Cassandra Atherton
  • Prof Clare Bradford
  • Dr Elizabeth Bullen
  • A/Prof Marion Campbell
  • Dr Shih-Wen (Sue) Chen
  • A/Prof Frances Devlin-Glass
  • Prof David McCooey 
  • Prof Lyn McCredden
  • Prof Ann McCulloch
  • Dr Kristine Moruzi
  • Dr Antonia Pont
  • Dr Emily Potter
  • Dr Naarah Sawers
  • Dr Michelle Smith
  • A/Prof Maria Takolander
  • Dr Ann Vickery
  • Dr Patrick West
  • Dr Paul Venzo

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