Persona, Celebrity, Publics (PCP)

The Persona, Celebrity, Publics research group is a dynamic group of inter-disciplinary scholars, creative practitioners, and research students committed to examining the way public and private life is historically and presently constituted. Our aims are to centrally look at the role of persona in political and everyday life, the meaning and significance of celebrity culture, and the way the public is mobilised in the global age.

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We see connections and discursive relays between these three areas, understanding contemporary life as being predicated on presentations, performances and representations of the self, the real, in a media rich world where famed individuals are highly regarded and carry economic worth.

The Persona, Celebrity, Publics research group is connected the journal Celebrity Studies, its bi-annual conference, and to similarly constituted research groups in North America, Asia, and Europe. Its membership is comprised of researchers from Deakin University, and from associated members world-wide.

We welcome enquiries; to join our research group; from research students and post-doctoral students interested in studying and working here; and from those with projects and initiatives the group could be connected with.

This site contains links to the research clusters and projects that are presently underway; membership profiles; an events page; a list of publications and forthcoming publications; and a mission statement that more fully defines our work. Please browse, and if you have any questions, get in touch,

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P. David Marshall -@dmarshallmc 
Glenn D'Cruz -@gdc_gdc8762
Toija Cinque -@ToijaCinque

Co-convenors, PCP research group

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