Persona, celebrity, publics

The persona, celebrity, publics research group is a dynamic group of interdisciplinary scholars, creative practitioners and research students. We're committed to examining the way public and private life is historically and presently constituted.

Researching the self in an age of celebrity culture

Our aims are to look at the role of personas in political and everyday life, the meaning and significance of celebrity culture, and the way the public is mobilised in the global age.

We understand contemporary life as being predicated on presentations, performances and representations of the self, the real, in a media-rich world where famed individuals are highly regarded and carry economic worth.

Our connections

The persona, celebrity, publics research group is connected to the journal Celebrity Studies, its bi-annual conference and to similarly constituted research groups in North America, Asia and Europe.

Its membership is comprised of researchers from Deakin University and from international associated members.

Our researchers

    • Prof P. David Marshall
    • A/Prof Sean Redmond
    • A/Prof Kristin Demetrious
    • Chris Moore
    • Toija Cinque
    • A/Prof Sally Totman
    • Cassandra Atherton
    • John Forrest
    • Shelley Hannigan
    • Virginia Murray
    • Lienors Torre
    • Kim Barbour
    • Tamara Heaney
  • David McCooey
  • Mark Sheehan
  • Nina Weerakkody
  • Stephen Mackey
  • Glenn D'Cruz
  • Sharyn McDonald
  • Leon Marvell
  • Paul Venzo
  • Patrick Stokes
  • Matthew Hardy
  • Jondi Keane
  • Flavia Marcello
  • Allison Maplesden

Contact us

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