PCP Research

The Persona, Celebrity, Publics research group continues to be involved in the following initiatives:

Online Persona. This area focuses on the negotiations that occur as individuals and groups engage in online and virtual activities and interactions. Projects include:

a) Operationalising Persona A - Academic trial, which looks at academics and the developments of their online personas;

b) Operationalising Persona B - Gamer culture trial, which looks at culture and persona in relation to online gaming;

Persona and Celebrity, Emotion and Affect. This area of research examines the way that persona and celebrity engage with, and mobilise, feelings and emotional attachments and bonds. This research area draws directly on phenomenological approaches and methods;

Promotional Vistas, Celebrity Commodity, and the Self, which develops research into the historical relationship among advertising, contemporary celebrity culture and the self;

Political Leadership, Spectacle, and Scandal which looks at how contemporary politics (as a combination of online and 'off-line' elements) is engaged in spectacular representation and presentation, while popular culture is increasingly involved in the proliferation of scandal;

Stardom. This area of research looks at the particular cultural and ideological, textual and commercial apparatus that operates in relation to stardom. Text based case studies will emerge, alongside multi-strand investigations;

Eye-Tracking the Star and Celebrity. This area of research will employ eye-tracking technology to assess the significance of stardom and celebrity in relation to image construction and perception, emotion and affect. PCP will here connect with the activities of The Eye-Tracking and Moving Image research Group;

Public Intellectuals and Intellectual Notoriety. This research area would explore the role and function of academic persona and celebrity, and notable public figures;

Australian Youth, Community, Celebrity. This research group, composed of scholars from 8 of Australian's leading universities, and scholars from universities in the UK, will undertake a large scale ethnographic study of young people's relationship to celebrity in contemporary Australia. An ARC grant will be developed and submitted in time for the 2014 round;

Celebrity and Persona, Art and Aesthetics. This area of research will examine the intersections between celebrity and art, 'high' and 'low' culture. It will be concerned with sensory aesthetics and the way that famous people communicate in and through media and art that draw upon and activate sensory experience;

Persona Studies Network research, which is developing an international network of scholars that can explore public persona from a variety of professional, aesthetic and industrial vantage points;

Intercommunication Industry Project, which looks at the links between the interpersonal social media of online culture and the differently networked traditional media forms.

External Research Outcomes

Marshall, PD ARC LIEF Grant – 2014-2015 - $280,000:  TrISMA - Tracking Infrastructure for Social Media Analysis, Part of a four university and one institution program 14 person team.

P. D Marshall's role involves mapping the intersections of celebrity and public knowledge that Twitter enables, the hierarchisation of knowledge and significance, and our own contributions to discussions and debates that Twitter facilitates. This mapping of connected, hierarchized, and differentiated publics develops a model of presentational media where a public self is articulated in the specialist knowledge networks created by interlinking, retweeting, and engaging with 'celebrity' Twitter users. The lead Deakin team includes studies of Knowledge Networks (Professor Matthew Allen) and Persuasion and Hegemony (Associate Professor Kristin Demetrious).

Note: Several members have made ARC Discovery and Linkage applications in the last three years. None were successful:

1. Marshall, Redmond, Moore for 2012: "Online Persona: Mapping the New Dimensions of the Private/Public Self"  (Discovery);

2. Crawford, MacNamara, Marshall for 2012: "More than Spin: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Public Relations Practices and their Influences in Australia" (Discovery);

3. Marshall, Moore, Monaghan, Weerakkoddy for 2012 Youth and the Communication of Risk: Developing Connections between Cancer Council Australia and Contemporary Online Youth Culture (Linkage): This generated a mandated pilot project research grant of $5,000 from CCA in 2011-2012;

4. Marshall, Moore for 2010: "Presentational Media: An Investigation of User-Generated Media and its Implications for Contemporary ulture" (Discovery).

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