Screen and design research

Research in screen and design spans media and communications, cultural studies, film, television and digital media, and design studies. 

We lead the way in the developing fields of persona studies and celebrity studies. Researchers also explore entertainment production, experimental and documentary film making and film studies.

Research on all types of screen

In film, television and digital media, researchers generate studies of the film archive and of auteurship, studies of the film industry and analyses of particular films, and the production of experimental, documentary and feature films.

We're engaged in grants involving the digital humanities and the application of digital technology to theorising the conceptual space of cinema history.

Another key focus is the combination of experimental film production with theoretical writing in relation to expanded conceptions of cinema.

Exploring identity and industry

Researchers in media and communication studies are investigating new kinds of public visibility, public communication and the public representation of personal identity.

Researchers working on new sub-fields of persona and celebrity are exploring the diversity and complexity of contemporary publics, including defining the idea of the pluralisation of the public sphere in a world-first context.

The field of entertainment production studies focuses on the segmentation of the film market and the reflexive character of the global film industry today.

Researching representation

Researchers working in cultural studies explore cultural policy and cultural representations.

Their work is based on excellent publication records on audience research, working on arts policy and the cultural politics of festivals.

Design researchers explore new codes of representation and communication in the context of the changing nature of contemporary publics.

Our researchers

  • Prof David Marshall
  • Prof Deb Verhoeven
  • A/Prof Sean Redmond
  • Dr Adam Brown
  • Dr Leonie Rutherford
  • John Cumming
  • Dr Meghan Kelly
  • Dr Russell Kennedy
  • Simon Wilmot
  • Richie Barker
  • Dr Toija Cinque
  • Dr Victoria Duckett
  • Dr Renata Lemos-Morais
  • Dr Donna McRae
  • Tonya Meyrick
  • Dr Lienors Torre
  • Joel Zika

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