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Dr Benjamin Fanson

Position: Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Campus: Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus



  • Bachelor of Arts, 2000
  • Master of Science, 2006
  • Master of Statistics, 2007
  • Doctor of Philosophy, 2012

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Knowledge areas

Foraging theory

Life history

Nutritional ecology


Research interests

My research interests lie at the intersection of nutritional ecology and evolutionary theory.  Much of my previous work has focused the role of nutrition in key fitness traits, like lifespan, immunity, and reproduction.  My current research focuses on delineating the role of the nutritional environment on the evolutionary trajectories of life history strategies.  This research will use a blend of theoretical (e.g. state-based and individual-based modelling) and selection experiments using the Drosophila model system.



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Selected Publications

Fanson BG, Fanson KV, Taylor PW. 2013.  Sex differences in insect immune function: a consequence of diet? Evolutionary Ecology. 5: 937-947

Fanson BG, Petterson IE, and Taylor PW. 2013. Diet quality mediates activity patterns in adult Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni). Journal of Insect Physiology 59: 676-681

Fanson BG, Fanson, KV Taylor PW. 2012.  Cost of reproduction in Queensland fruit fly: a nutrient-explicit approach exploring the tradeoff between lifespan and reproduction.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 279: 4893-4900

Fanson BG, Taylor PW. 2012.  Protein:carbohydrate ratios explain lifespan patterns found in Queensland fruit fly diets varying in yeast:sugar ratios. Age 34: 1361-1368

Fanson BG, Taylor PW. 2012.  Additive and interactive effects of nutrient classes on longevity, reproduction, and diet consumption in the Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni).  Journal of Insect Physiology 58:327-334

Fanson BG, Yap S. and Taylor, PW. 2012. Geometry of compensatory feeding and water consumption in Drosophila melanogaster.  Journal of Experimental Biology 215:766-773

Fanson BG, Weldon CW, Perez-Staples D, Simpson SJ, and Taylor, PW.  2009.  Nutrients, not caloric restriction, extend lifespan in Queensland fruit flies (Bactrocera tryoni).  Aging Cell 8:514-523.

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